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New Year's Day Gala Concert

New Year's Day Gala Concert

As rich and varied as Hungary’s culture and history, the New Year’s Day Gala Concert at the gorgeous Danube Palace in Budapest is a fantastic way to ring in the new year in style and with good cheer. It features a wonderful selection of classical works, Hungarian folk songs, and Gypsy tunes adapted for the symphonic orchestra as well as entertaining operetta and ballet numbers. The programme’s two parts stretch over 90 minutes and celebrate the inimitable Hungarian blend of classical, folk and Gypsy musical styles. This special amalgamation has inspired numerous composers and performers around the globe for centuries, as guests of this special New Year’s concert will be delighted to learn.

The task of playing the beloved works of Hungarian masters Franz Liszt, Franz Lehár, Ferenc Erkel, Emmerich Kálmán and Zoltán Kodály as well as international composers inspired by the Hungarian soundscape such as Johannes Brahms and Johann Strauss the son falls upon the Danube Symphony Orchestra. One of the most famous and decorated Hungarian classical groups rises to the challenge marvellously and presents the selection of classical, operetta and folk music with gusto and conviction that will get you moving in your seat. Talented ballet dancers accompany many of the tunes to imbue them with additional visual appeal.

The operetta numbers, such as excerpts from Lehár’s famous ‘The Merry Widow’ or Kálmán’s ‘Countess Mariza’, feature the impressive soloists of the Budapest Operetta Theatre. Next to them, the Gypsy-influenced tunes and the Hungarian folk songs showcasing the unique stringed instrument cimbalom shine with a special quality. Last but not least, keep an eye out for one rising reality star: a contestant from the national talent show ‘Virtuosos’ will make a surprise appearance and blaze through one of the evening’s memorable numbers just for you. The New Year’s Day Gala Concert at the Danube Palace in Budapest combines several outstanding musical traditions that all fuse together to the inimitable Hungarian beat to invite the New Year in. Be sure to consider booking the Gala Concert, Dinner and Cruise package and make your experience complete!

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