Privacy Policy

Last modified: 3rd March 2020


A&A Tickets Online, S.L., through its website, including its online contact form, purchase system, email addresses and users’ web browsing activity on its pages, collects personal data from its users and customers to provide services, as an intermediary, for buying and selling tickets for events, shows, tours and visits; deal with and answer any queries users may have; resolve any issues specific to the purchase and sale of tickets; and analyse the traffic its website generates.

A&A Tickets Online, S.L. will ensure that users of its website can always access its Privacy and data protection policy via the website, both before and after they have given their consent to the automated collection and use of their personal data for the purposes outlined above.


A&A Tickets Online, S.L. guarantees the confidentiality of the data collected through its website. All data will be handled and logged automatically in line with current Spanish and European legislation relating to data protection. A&A Tickets Online, S.L. will use all appropriate security measures and available means to avoid any change, loss, unauthorised use or access to the aforementioned data.

A&A Tickets Online, S.L. takes responsibility for filing and registering all data generated by its website with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (Agencia Española de Protección de Datos AEPD). For more details on how to get in touch with A&A Tickets Online, S.L. go to Contact Us

User Rights and Agreement

Customers and users of the website, from the moment that they provide their personal data, give their consent for the data collected to be used for the purposes outlined above. In the case of customers, this consent includes giving A&A Tickets Online, S.L. permission to send information, advertising and promotional materials on both purchased, and related, services, such as those provided by third parties that A&A Tickets Online, S.L. thinks may be of interest to its customers. Customers can, at any time, opt out of receiving these types of communications by notifying the senders at the addresses provided in their emails.

The data collected by A&A Tickets Online, S.L. are only those deemed necessary for the purposes described in its Privacy and data protection policy. The user accepts responsibility for the data provided being correct and up to date, and for notifying A&A Tickets Online, S.L. of any change.

The various sections, forms and fields on the website collect only the data needed to purchase the services that it offers, as an intermediary, and to process customers’ orders and requests. All data requested is essential for this purpose. Without it, A&A Tickets Online, S.L. cannot provide the services it offers.

All customers and users may exercise their right to access, correct, cancel or challenge the data collected by A&A Tickets Online, S.L. Such requests should be made in writing accompanied by a copy of their passport, national identity document, or equivalent document of identification to the address shown on the contact page.

Use of Cookies

This website uses third-party cookies to analyse page visits, users’ browser activity on the site, and to process the requests made by its users.

To be specific, A&A Tickets Online, S.L. uses _ga and _gat cookies generated by Google Analytics, ensuring that there is no break in the user’s session while they are browsing the website. These cookies are required for the purchasing process. If cookies are blocked, it may affect the purchasing process.

Where cookies are generated for other purposes, by continuing to navigate the site it will be assumed that the person browsing gives their consent for cookies to be enabled. This assumed consent will not prejudice the user from configuring their browser to disable cookies during, or delete cookies subsequent to, their visit to the website.

Sharing data with third parties

A&A Tickets Online, S.L. will not pass on personal data to third parties without users’ consent, except where this is legally allowed.

The above proviso includes communicating certain data to direct and intermediary providers of payment services, and communicating other data such as the name of the customer, name of the event, the number of tickets, and type of ticket/s to the organisers and promoters of the event in question. In exceptional cases, A&A Tickets Online, S.L. may send any data on the customer’s ticket request form (other than data relating to their method of payment) to organisers and promoters should the customer cause any type of damage, fail to observe the rules of attendance for the performance in question or engage in any behaviour deemed inappropriate, illegal or to the detriment of the interests of the organiser and promoter.

The customer agrees to and accepts the transfer of data required for the purposes outlined above.

Important notice:
This Privacy Policy is subject to Spanish law. The Spanish text is the legally valid version. The English text is a courtesy translation provided for your information and guidance only and is not legally binding.